12 September 2007

My new site

My site moved to http://www.eros2.info.
http://eros2.by.ru is not maintained anymore.

11 September 2007

Lucide 1.20

Lucide version 1.20 released. Lucide is a plugin based document viewer for OS/2 and eComStation. Currently it supports PDF, DjVu and JPEG files.
Binaries available at eCS betazone.

List of changes since version 1.01:
  • JPG plugin: added support for quality image scaling
  • If the filename does not have an extension or the extension is unknown, Lucide will check file data to determine a suitable plugin (closed ticket #43)
  • Added menuitems and hotkeys to subsequently load supported files in same directory (Menu: Document->Next/Previous, closed ticket #66)
  • Added list of recent files (Menu: Document->Recent files)
  • Implemented custom file dialog with preview (closed ticket #86)
  • Added hotkeys (Ctrl+0/1/2) for predefined zoom levels
  • Added 'Ignore printer margins' option in Print dialog (closed ticket #110)
  • UClip package is optional now (closed ticket #115)
  • Small fixes and improvements (closed ticket #126)

Screenshots here.

On Lucide page at Netlabs you may post bugreports/read tickets and find toolkit for creating your own Lucide plugins.