01 August 2007

Lucide 1.01

I made some updates to Lucide document viewer and Mensys released it.
Binaries available at eCS betazone.

Here is a list of changes since version 1.0:
  • DJVU plugin: plugin may eat great amount of memory, fixed.
  • DJVU plugin: djvulibre updated to version 3.5.19.
  • DJVU plugin: fix opening files with non-latin chars in filename.
  • PDF plugin: freetype library updated to version 2.3.5.
  • TAB key switch between navigation pane and document (closed tickets #112, #123).
  • Zoom in/Zoom out menuitems and corresponding Ctrl++/Ctrl+- hotkeys.
  • Ctrl+Shift++/Ctrl+Shift+- hotkeys for rotate CW/CCW, Ctrl+P for Print (closed ticket #108).
  • Opening external files from links in document.
  • Updated NLS-files: Czech, French, Dutch.


Viewing PDF file.

Viewing DJVU file (magazine scan).

On Lucide page at Netlabs you may post bugreports and find toolkit for creating your own Lucide plugins.